St Bartholomew's has an extremely supportive Parents, Teachers and Friends Association, which works tirelessly to raise funds for the children. If you would like to find out more about the PTFA, please contact the school

Upcoming Events

These are our upcoming events. If you are able to help out in any way at one of our events, please let us know. We are always on the look out for prizes for our events too.


12.05.17 - Family Bingo - Doors open 5.30pm - eyes down 6pm

23.05.17 - Committee Meeting - 3.15pm

27.06.17 - Cream teas at Sports Day

09.07.17 - Summer Fair

14.07.17 - Leavers Disco 6.00pm-7.30pm

08.09.17 - Party under the Stars

24.09.17 - Refreshments at West Pinchbeck 10k run

PTFA Communication:

Term 1 2017-18

PTFA: Flyer re: Events

PTFA: Flyer re: Welcome Disco

Term 6 2016-17

PTFA: Flyer re: Leavers Disco

PTFA: Flyer re: The PTFA Post

PTFA: Flyer re: Ice Cream Friday

PTFA: Flyer re: Sports Day

PTFA: Flyer re: Summer Fair

PTFA: Flyer re: Uniform Stall

Term 4 2016-17

PTFA: Poster re: Bingo

PTFA: Letter re: Bingo

PTFA: Letter re: Vacancies

PTFA: Letter re: Easter Disco

PTFA: Letter re: Upcoming Events

PTFA: Letter re: Mothers Day

PTFA: Letter re: AGM Meeting

PTFA: Notice re: AGM

Term 3 2016-17

PTFA: Flyer: Used Uniform

Term 2 2016-17

PTFA: Letter re: Christmas Disco

PTFA: Letter re: Christmas Fair

PTFA: Letter re: Non Uniform Day

PTFA: Letter re: Christmas Fair

PTFA: Letter re: Welcome Disco

Term 1 2016-17 

FOSB/PTFA: Flyer advertising 'Meet and Greet' meeting

PTFA: Welcome Letter

PTFA: Questionnaire

Term 6 2015-16

PTFA: Letter re: Meeting on 11th July at 2pm

PTFA: Summer Fair : 3.7.16

PTFA: Invitation to the meeting on 23.6.16

PTFA: Cake donations

Term 5 2015-16

PTFA: Invitation to Meeting on 24.5.16

PTFA: Disco letter

PTFA: new PTFA appointment: tea & cake

Term 3 2015-16

PTFA: Coffee Afternoon Flyer

PTFA: Farmhouse Breakfast Week

PTFA: Rock and Roll Bingo

Term 2 2015-16

PTFA: AGM Notice

PTFA: Christmas Disco 14.12.15

PTFA: Christmas Fair 1.12.15

PTFA: Secret Shopping 16.11.15

PTFA: Christmas Fair Letter

Term 1 2015-16

PTFA: PTFA Post (Issue 5)

PTFA: New Reception Welcome Disco 12.10.15

PTFA: New Reception Welcome Disco

PTFA: West Pinchbeck 10K fun run

Academic Year 2014-15

Term 6 2014-15

PTFA: Thank-You Roundup 2015

PTFA: Leaver's Disco Friday 17th July 2015

PTFA: Sports Day Cream Teas

PTFA: Summer Fayre & Grand Raffle Update

PTFA: Fundraising Flyer

PTFA: Letter re: Father's Day Gift Event

Term 5 2014-15

PTFA: Letter re: Children's Bingo

PTFA: Letter re: Race Night 8th May

Term 4 2014-15

PTFA: Letter re: Committee & Easter Fair

PTFA: Mother's Day Gift Event

Term 3 2014-15

PTFA: Letter re; Disco on 13th February 2015

PTFA: Used Uniform

PTFA: Breakfast Week 2015

PTFA: Gift Bingo letter 7.1.15

Term 2 2014-15

PTFA: Notice of AGM on 14th January 2015

PTFA: Christmas Letter 8.12.14

PTFA: Letter 24.11.14 re Christmas Fair

PTFA: PTFA Post Issue 4 - November 2014

PTFA: Secret Shopping Event

Term 1 2014-15

PTFA: Children's CD Recording

PTFA: Disco 10th October

PTFA: Macmillan Coffee Afternoon