Class Teacher - Miss Rachel Cannon

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Lisa Beresford


Class Letters 2017-18

Term 1

Welcome Service

Star moments



Newsletter T1

Class Letters 2016-17

Term 6:

Pirate Party

Apple Class Newsletter T6


Term 5:

Apple Class Newsletter T5


Term 4:

Apple Class Newsletter T4


Term 3:

Apple Class Newsletter T3


Term 2:

Apple Class newsletter T2


Term 1:

Reception Welcome Service

Apple Class newsletter T1

Class Letters 2015-16

Term 6:

Apple Class newsletter Term 6


Term 5:

Letter re: Tapestry - Weekend Diary Challenge

Apple Class Newsletter Term 5

KIRFs Summer 1

Term 4:

Apple & Palm Class visit from Zoolab

Apple Class Newsletter Term 4

KIRFS Spring 2

Term 3:

Apple & Palm Class trip to South Holland Centre

Apple Class Newsletter Term 3

KIRFs Spring 1

Term 2:

Apple Class Christmas Party

Apple & Palm Class trip to Winter Wonderland

Apple Class newsletter Term 2

Year 1 KIRFs

Curriculum Jigsaw Term 2

Term 1:

Royal Correspondence

Apple Class Newsletter Oct 21.10.15

Reception Welcome Celebration

Apple Class Newsletter Term 1

Curriculum Jigsaw Term 1

Library Van Letter 3.9.15

Star Moments Letter 3.9.15

Class Letters 2014-15

Term 6:

Apple Class Newsletter: Summer Term 2


Parent Jigsaw

Term 5:

Apple Class: Letter re trip to Pigons Farm

Apple Class newsletter Summer Term 1 


Curriculum Jigsaw

Term 4:

Apple Class Newsletter Spring Term 2

Apple Class Jigsaw Spring Term 2

Apple Class Kirfs Spring Term 2

Term 3:

Apple Class Newsletter Spring Term 1

Apple Class Curriculum Jigsaw Spring T1

Apple Class Kirfs Spring T1

Term 2:

Apple class Trip Letter 10.11.14

Apple Class newsletter Autumn Term 2

Curriculum Jigsaw

Term 1:

Newsletter Autumn Term 1 Update

Apple Class Newsletter Autumn Term 1

Letter re: Library Van Visits

Letter re: Photograph permission

Apple Class Term 1 (Jigsaw)

Letter re@ Star Moments

Star Moment Sheets


Apple Class - Reception/Year 1

Reception children enjoy a fabulous welcome to our school, with an interactive play based approach to learning they are fully supported to progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Year 1 children are able to experience an interactive approach to their learning too, in line with the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum, they are offered a broad and balanced education which aims to meet and challenge every child's learning needs.

The children in Apple Class are offered exciting and challenging learning opportunities, inside and out.

Reading is a key skill for life, and in order to support our early readers to acquire these skills quickly and effectively the school delivers the Read Write Inc synthetic phonics reading scheme.

For new parents we have attached some additional information which you may find helpful.

Apple Class Learning 2017 - 2018


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