Oak Class Make Music    

The children in Oak class have this year been receiving weekly woodwind lessons allowing them the opportunity to play the clarinet, the saxophone or the tin whistle.

We were delighted to be one of two primary schools in the area invited to take part in the Symphonia Viva Project - an inspirational  project which enables children to work with professional musicians.

Musicians from the Symphonia Viva orchestra visited school last term to compose with the children a piece that they would perform (together with the Orchestra) at the Symphonia Viva concert.

The concert was held at Bourne Academy on Tuesday 24th April. The children were amazing, stage fright did not seem to be a problem as they entertained the large audience.

Experience the performance      

Click to view the short video


Al Fresco warm up!

image - bourne music 1

Being inspired by the professionals

image - bourne music 2