The Governors of St Bartholomew's CE Primary School aim to ensure the children enjoy a happy and stable school life, with every opportunity to achieve the very best of their abilities.

We are not responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and if you have a complaint, it is important that you follow the formal steps in the Complaints Procedure, to ensure all matters are dealt with fairly and equally.  

We welcome feedback and ideas from the school community. Governors are always present at school events, and those of us who are parents. are usually present at the school gates.  Click here to find out the details of the current Governing Body.

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What does the Governing Body do?

Meetings: we meet as a full Governing Body six times a year. At these meetings we review data and information on the school’s performance and how it compares nationally and locally. The Head Teacher reports to us in detail on pupil numbers, behaviour, attendance, health & safety, safeguarding, achievement, teaching and learning, curriculum, incidents of bullying, and any complaints received. She also reports to us about the life of the school (for example, lunchtime and after-school clubs, the School Council, fundraising, school trips) and this is often complemented by a 'Learning Walk' around the school to see the classroom displays and use of resources. We also hear reports from different Governors on their different areas of responsibility and it is at these meetings that existing/new policies are approved or amended by the Governing Body. These meetings typically last between two and three hours and are an opportunity for us to monitor the school's performance together and raise questions or concerns about it. Smaller meetings are also held regularly throughout the year to focus separately on Pupil Premium, Finance, Health & Safety, SEN, Safeguarding, Child Protection, Looked After Children, Sports Premium, Head Teacher Performance, ...

Visits: as Governors, we visit the school in an observational role focusing on specific matters within the School Development Plan. For example, if the visit's focus is on Writing, the visiting Governor(s) will look at anonymous samples of pupil books, observe lessons, and review data. These visits are followed by written reports and discussed at Governor meetings. It is also important that Governors take part in the more informal life of the school, attending assemblies, performances, fairs, and church services.

Training: we are all expected to undertake regular training in order to perform our different roles effectively, as well as to stay up to date with changes in education.

Recruitment: at least one Governor will form part of the selection and interview panels whenever new staff are recruited for the school.

Response: Governors are sometimes needed to make decisions in situations which escalate beyond the normal day-to-day running of the school, such as exclusions and complaints.

Ofsted: when Ofsted inspects the school, the Inspectors will also meet the Governors to question the ways in which we ensure the school is meeting the needs of the pupils.